Our Comprehensive PM Service and Safety Inspections

PROVINCIAL LIFT TRUCK INC. is pleased to offer our comprehensive services for PREVENTATIVE MAINTANENCE and ANNUAL SAFETY INSPECTIONS of your material handling equipment.

Not only will proper PM Service save you down time and expense, it is part of the recent CSA Standards for Lift Trucks.  As well, an annual lifting device inspection is required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for both Industrial Establishments and Construction Regulations.

Within the Industrial Regulations section 51 (1) (b) states: A lifting device shall be thoroughly examined by a competent person to determine its capability if handling its maximum load as rated,

  • Prior to being used for the first time, and
  • thereafter as often as necessary but not less frequently than recommended by the manufacturer and in any case, at least once a year

To better serve our customers, our PM Service/ Annual Lifting Device Safety Program notifies our Service Technicians when our customer Annual Safety Inspections are coming due. The system also advises when your PM Service will be due according to the schedule your equipment requires.   The software can be custom setup for not only you as an individual customer but also on a “per machine use” schedule.  If you have equipment in a low usage department, we can save you money by completing PM Service only on the equipment that needs it.

All our Annual Lift Truck Safety & Lifting Capacity Inspection forms and Planned Maintenance/Service Inspection forms comply with CSA B335-04 guidelines. This further ensures you get the proper safety compliance meeting regulations as required in Ontario.  Our Annual Safety Inspection also complies with The Ontario Fire Code and its requirements for Lift Trucks.

When our fully trained and certified technicians conduct PM Service/Annual Safety Inspection on your equipment, you are getting professional quality services backed with competitive rates.

In addition to a thorough inspection of your equipment a PM Service will include…

Electric Units (Boom/Scissor Manlifts)
  • check all motor brushes, battery connectors, battery electrolyte levels, and contacts for arching
  • check all fluid levels
  • check tire wear and condition
  • check all safety items, horn, lights, lift chain adjustment
  • lubricate all mast and chasis components
  • check service and park brake operation and adjust as needed
  • see sample for full list of items
Internal Combustion Units

Sample PM Inspection

Sample PM Inspection

Sample Safety Inspection

Sample Safety Inspection

Sample Mast Stickers

Sample Mast Stickers
When completed, a copy of the PM Service/Annual Lift Truck Safety Inspection is left with you, the customer or left with the unit itself. The PM Service Sticker (see sample) indicating type of service performed, our Work Order number, and the Technician who performed the work is mounted on your unit. In the case of an Annual Safety Inspection, a sticker will be attached to the mast indicating the date the unit passed the safety inspection.  We do not issue an Annual Safety Inspection sticker (see sample) until the unit passes the minimum requirements under legislation.

If additional work is required while performing PM Service or an Annual Safety Inspection, we will only proceed after you have been quoted on the additional work and an agreement has been reached to allow us to proceed with the repairs.

At Provincial Lift Truck we are concerned with your safety and the safety of our Technicians.  We have in place a Customer Site Safety Policy which states what our “Road Technicians” must have with them and how they must work.

Items which must be carried with the tech (In the vehicle) include:

  • Professional Licenses i.e.: Mechanic license.
  • Current WSIB Certificate
  • Current WHMIS training certificate
  • Current LT Training or Retraining Certificate
  • Supply of Oil Dry
  • PLT Safety Policy

Items to be taken & used at the repair site:

  • Coveralls/clothing which have safety reflective stripes
  • Cell phone must be carried on your person
  • Safety shoes worn on all work sites
  • Safety Glasses worn at all work sites
  • Orange safety cones (6) to demark the work area
  • Lock out tags/devices at the ready and used as needed.
  • Safety stands
  • Face shield
  • Hard Hat
  • Broom & Dustpan
  • Chain for securing masts
  • Boom supports
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher

Finally, work performed at your location is guaranteed by our Planned Maintenance Protection Plan as printed on our Planned Maintenance/Service Agreement.

At Provincial Lift Truck Inc. we are proud of the services and products we offer. Our strong team of professionals working both on the road at our customer’s location and in our shop strive to do quality work and exceed expectations with innovative solutions. We pride ourselves at being the premier provider of Material Handling Equipment and Services and we are committed to giving you value through material handling solutions.

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