Forks and Attachments

The right attachment for your forklift improves efficiency and load handling safety across any industry. Even the most impossible jobs can be made easy with the right piece of equipment. Here at PLT we can help you with all of your fork and attachment solutions! We work with all sectors and industries including agriculture, industrial, construction, recycling and mining to help source and build lift truck attachments to get the job done right.
We are your local dealer for Manitou attachments and Cascade forks. We cover everything from jibs and cranes, man baskets, buckets, clamps, sideshifts and fork positioners to custom designed attachments and scales. Big or small, there is no job we can’t handle!

Forks & Fork Extensions

We are proud to be your dealer for Cascade forklift forks and attachments! Cascade offers a complete line of fork and fork accessories; standard forks, lumber forks, fork extensions, custom solutions and so much more. Every product is high quality and engineered to the highest standards in safety all at great prices. Every fork and product are rigorously tested to ensure that both national and international standards are met as well as to guarantee quality and durability. They also boast the fastest lead time in the industry so you know you can get what you need when you need it. Contact us today to get a quote!

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Aerial Work Platforms - Contact us for the availability of an engineered work platform for your Manitou variable-reach lift-truck or inquire about the availability of a work platform for your lifting device.


Bale Clamps (Round) - Suitable for round and wrapped bales, reinforced tubular chassis closes hydraulically with a double-acting ram. Adapts onto any Maniscopic truck


Bale Clamps (Square) - No limitations here; still using square bales? Square bale-clamps are available with hydraulically actuated hooks.


Bucket Loader - Ideal for funnel operations, such as filling a tank or distribution of product.


4-in-1 Bucket - The attachment is a bucket and clamp in one able to grab bales of hay, dump snow, dig trenches and scoop-up manure. All the versatility of 4 attachments in one compact unit.


Builders Bucket - An ideal construction tool; with a reinforced base, blade and sides, the bucket is an effective earth-moving tool for your jobsite..


Concrete Skips - Two models available with manual or hydraulic openings, will hook onto forks or standard carriage


Floating Fork Carriage - Designed to be able to pick-up pallets or other loads from uneven ground, the adjustable fork distance is adjustable with high-precision.

Fork Mounted Adjustable Hook

Fork Mounted Adjustable Hook - Three models available with long or short booms, as well as fork or carriage mount designs.


Hydraulic Winch - A hydraulically activated winch adds the versatility of a crane to the functions of any Manitou lift truck.


Wood Clamps & Grabs - Maximize the utilization of your Manitou truck in the timber yard to handle logs, bark, planks, log bundles and square-edged timber with a range of customized equipment.


Manure Forks - Removable fingers, 4-position grab, 4 widths and wear bushings make this design a durable necessity on the farm.


Truss Jib - The ideal construction tool; hook-up your truss jib and expand the range of your variable-reach lift truck.

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