Structural Racking

Let's talk racking!

Racking systems are an often unthought of necessity when it comes to your warehouse. We tend to set and forget this vital part of operations and more often than not we miss some very important considerations.
Some systems can be large scale and others can be quite small, but no matter which you have there are 3 main things to account for; racking structural safety, warehouse layout optimization, and budget value. Let’s take a look!

These three factors work in tandem to ensure you are truly getting the most out of your racking, both new and existing systems. You must ensure that your racking in both cases is engineered and maintained for safety in accordance with OHSA standards.

“The OHSA requires the employer to ensure that the equipment it provides is maintained in good condition. Racks must be maintained in good condition by replacing/repairing damaged components of a racking system [OHSA, clause 25(1)(b)].” – Learn more here

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