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Winter's Here... Are your Forklifts Ready?

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As winter progresses, we know it brings ever changing conditions with ice, snow, sleet and bitter cold temperatures. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your forklifts and their operators:

·            Operator attire – keep your drivers safe, healthy and warm with winter work boots, gloves, hats, and winter safety jackets and pants

·            Block heater – if you leave your machine outside ensure your block heater works and is plugged in over night and when not in use for long periods of time

·            Tires – check your tire pressure, make sure it’s adjusted for the temperature change, check the tire grip, consider installing tire chains

·            Preventative maintenance – check your antifreeze condition and levels and make sure your machines are lubricated

·            Lights – it gets darker earlier this time of year, ensure your lights are working properly and provide enough light for the operator to maneuver safely

·            Slow down – use extra caution and be prepared for unexpected black ice

·            Keep your lots clean and sanded. Reduce the amount of salt you use!

Stay safe this winter!


Image From left: Tom Bell, with Chris Glaubitz and Whitney Glaubitz (in cab) of Provincial Lift Trucks, with Don Ahern, and Rhett Nickerson

Canadian forklift sales and rental company, Provincial Lift Truck, Inc., has taken delivery of an Xtreme XR7038 telehandler to meet the requirements of one of their customers in the power generation industry.

The XR7038, that can lift up to 70,000 lbs. (31,750kg) was selected for its incredible lift capacity, which will be used to pick and place sea containers, as well as other applications on the jobsite in Manitoba, Canada.

Whitney Glaubitz, from Provincial Lift Truck, said, “Xtreme Manufacturing has been a great choice for us in the sectors where we have needed telehandlers, and we are excited to be taking delivery of this huge piece of equipment.”

Provincial Lift Truck, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Ron Fritz and Chris Glaubitz, specializing in high quality forklift sales, rentals, service and parts to the material handling industry in the tri-cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge in Ontario, Canada. Today, the company employs more than twenty people and has established customer base in the construction, industrial and agricultural sectors.

The XR7038 was sold to Provincial Lift Trucks, by Ahern Canada sales representative, Tom Bell. At World of Concrete 2018, Don Ahern, accompanied by Tom Bell and Rhett Nickerson, of Ahern Canada, officially handed over the keys to Provincial Lift Trucks, and the lift was delivered shortly after the show.

Thank you so much to Xtreme Manufacturing for this article! Check out the Xtreme Mfg Website here: https://www.xmfg.com/product/telehandlers/ultra-xtreme-capacity-roller-boom/xr7038/

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From the frame, up!

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A Frame-up Rebuild is exactly what it sounds like; a piece of material handling equipment that has been completely rebuilt from the frame, up. This often times means that a part of the truck has been structurally modified in some way to increase its capacity rating or lift height capabilities.
Frame-up rebuild forklift

Much like when renovating a home, the demo of the forklift is the easy and fun part. Everything must go! Once you are down to the frame itself it is checked for structural stability and reinforced. If the lifting capacity is to be changed, a counterweight must be added or modified at this stage. The calculations here must be incredibly accurate for the counterweight as it is used to counter-balance the load the forklift will be lifting in the future. The counterweight is opened and molten lead is poured inside to add to its over-all weight.

Once the counter-weight has been filled and completed all the internal components must be reinstalled. This includes parts and systems like controls, joysticks, axles, fuel system, electronics, transmission and finally engine. Reassembly takes a seasoned and experienced technician. Not only must you ensure that the systems are installed correctly but that you have the expertise to guarantee everything is compliant with regulations and standards. Engineered drawings are a must for any alterations to custom structural parts or alterations to the forklift mast that is to be installed. Each piece along the way must be inspected for structural integrity and safety. The engine, transmission, axles and fuel system are all inspected prior to installation to be sure of working quality and safety.
steps of a frame-up rebuild
Next comes the installation of the overhead guard, tires, mast and any other external pieces. Each piece is inspected for safety and quality. New mast fittings and hoses are checked for leaks and cracks as well as to make sure that they aren’t being compromised or pinched. Tires are checked for quality and stability making sure there are no gouges or splits. When everything has been installed, fluids checked and fuel added, the fully rebuilt forklift is started for the first time and sent off for the final step, paint.

Every frame-up rebuilt forklift goes through testing and gets a Safety Inspection prior to shipment. The forks, mast capabilities and capacity are all tested and then a technician does a full 21-point Safety Inspection to ensure it is fully CSA Standard compliant. Once a pass has been completed fuel and fluids are topped up and it’s off to the customer!

Now you have an all new lift truck with all the benefits of its former model. The most significant benefit of this is that you can customize some of the capabilities to meet the unique needs of the job at hand. Often a frame-up rebuild is a cost-effective solution to buying a brand new unit with the same specs. Although it is often a challenging job, you can ensure you are getting exactly what you want in the forklift you are building.

KITCHENER, Ontario Oct. 27, 2017—Provincial Lift Truck Inc. announced the arrival of North America’s largest capacity rough terrain telehandler to their location in Kitchener, Ont. The telehandler is the first of its kind in Canada, purchased for use in the energy sector in Ontario. The truck will be put into operation late November 2017 for the purpose of moving sea containers at a nuclear facility. This deal signifies solid growth for Provincial Lift Truck Inc. and a first for material handling in Canada.

Provincial Lift Truck Inc. facilitated the purchase of the Xtreme XR7038 rough terrain telehandler from Howell Tractor & Equipment Co. located in Gary, Indiana. Talks for the deal began in early June 2017 and finished up this October. With needs growing in Ontario for specialty, high capacity equipment, this is a sign of strong growth both for the local forklift firm as well as Canadian mining, energy, oil and gas industries. Provincial Lift Truck Inc. has met the demand for such equipment both locally and across the province, providing much needed access to high capacity forklifts and telehandlers.
The Xtreme XR7038 has a rated capacity of 70,000 lbs. (31,750kg) at 48-in. (121.9 cm) load centre and can lift up to a height of 38-ft., 2-in. (11.63m). As an award-winning telehandler, it contains a 300 horsepower Tier-4 Cummins engine, Long Life Boom Rollers and foam filled rough terrain tires designed for tough applications. To meet the unique needs of the customer, Provincial Lift Truck Inc. has specially designed a scale system up to 70,000 lbs. capable of reading up to 10 different attachments. The unit will also be outfitted with a custom winch to be used as a crane and a custom jib, both also designed by Provincial Lift Truck Inc. With continued GDP growth powered by the energy sector in Canada, the demand for high capacity equipment such as the Xtreme XR7038 is expected to increase.
When asked to comment on what the unit’s arrival means for the industry, Chris Glaubitz, President of Provincial Lift Truck Inc. said, “The arrival of a truck like the Xtreme shows the beginning of new opportunities for companies like Provincial Lift Truck. It means that the market for high capacity trucks is evolving and there will be an even greater need in the future for Canada. That is a need we are ready to address.”

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Does your racking stand up to the test of time?

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Structural Racking

Let's talk racking!

Racking systems are an often unthought of necessity when it comes to your warehouse. We tend to set and forget this vital part of operations and more often than not we miss some very important considerations.
Some systems can be large scale and others can be quite small, but no matter which you have there are 3 main things to account for; racking structural safety, warehouse layout optimization, and budget value. Let’s take a look!

These three factors work in tandem to ensure you are truly getting the most out of your racking, both new and existing systems. You must ensure that your racking in both cases is engineered and maintained for safety in accordance with OHSA standards.

“The OHSA requires the employer to ensure that the equipment it provides is maintained in good condition. Racks must be maintained in good condition by replacing/repairing damaged components of a racking system [OHSA, clause 25(1)(b)].” – Learn more here

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Mantiou is taking the world by storm!

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Manitou Forklift Logo


Manitou MRT2470
Manitou MRT2470

Manitou is a global powerhouse. They have dominated the world market for more than 60 years starting with their creation of the world’s first rough terrain forklift for the construction market. They serve millions of customers globally and their success is evident in the fact that 1 in 3 rotating telehandlers is a Manitou.
June 2017 marks another huge innovation with their launch of the new MRT 2470 and MRT 3050. Manitou has completely re-engineered the MRT 2470 to bring out the world’s highest capacity model of rotating telehandler. It boasts a 15,400 lbs. capacity and lifts 81 feet! What really sets this powerful machine apart is its compactness. There is no jobsite too challenging for these units!

I believe that one of the biggest decisions you can make for your business operational efficiency is whether to purchase material handling equipment and alternatively, what do you actually buy?
Maybe you’ve experiences a complete breakdown of your current equipment, you are fed up with costly service expenses for the unit or maybe you’ve decided that a forklift is what you need to help you out. Whatever your reasons, it’s a pretty major choice to make. Where on earth do you start?
Now don’t get me wrong, you may already know exactly what you want. First ask yourself; is it exactly what you need?

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Why we are Manitou

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We have been a proud Manitou Forklift dealer for more than 14 years and there is one reason, because Manitou creates the best, top-of-the-line equipment world-wide, hands down.

A bold statement I know, but here is why;

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Telehandlers Attachments: How safe do YOU operate?

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Telehandlers are an awesome solution when it comes to construction operations, however you’ve got a lot of things to consider when using attachments to get the job done.

The majority of telehandler accidents occur because of improper load calculations and misreading the load chart. Unlike a typical masted forklift, you also have to consider the arc of the load movement when raising and lowering the boom of a telescopic truck. This has a great effect on the overall forklift capacity at different positions. Then add in the capacity restrictions of various attachments.

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